The online hub for entrepreneurs, designers,  engineers and everyone in between

Neural jam is a unique digital environment designed to accommodate collaborative learning experiences that empowers you, as a member, to:


Start your lifelong personal development journey using our extensive toolbox. The time you spend in Neural Jam club – is the time you spend on your personal growth.


Gain a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself. Chip in your insights and receive the support of the community in return. Collaboration is key.


Network and collaborate with thought leaders from diverse industries to co-design the future.

The Neural Jam Community

We are a curated community of diverse individuals open to new ideas and eager to exchange knowledge. This community is brought together to expand your perspectives and skills and allow you to become a part of something bigger than yourself. The Neural Jam community strives to create positive change and tackle the complex challenges of our society. For that purpose, collaboration and proactivity are crucial. By creating meaningful conversations between individuals, we offer an alternative to mindless consumption and the feeling of isolation, which many of us experience through social media.

What we expect from you

As a curated community, we approach the composition of our club with intention. You can become a member by filling in an application. But first, let's make sure we are the right fit for each other. We would love to have you among us if you are someone who:
  • loves to provoke, while remaining respectful to others,
  • acts with intention: this is a core value of Neural Jam,
  • open to learn new perspectives, different from theirs,
  • celebrates collective growth: together we are more and better.
Without you, we are just some 100.000 lines of code (well written, of course). Your contribution is essential to cultivating the spirit of Neural Jam. Together with you, we want to build one of the most proactive and democratized communities for learning and personal development in the world. Become one of us, but BE YOU!

Join Neural Jam

At Neural Jam, we don't see ourselves as experts. In our belief, everyone has something valuable to share. We designed an environment that uses interactivity and the power of the collective to maximize the experience of learning.

As a member of Neural Jam, you can:
  • Learn on our Campus through regularly uploaded courses, programs, workshops, and other content-driven interactive sessions
  • Browse content in the Neural Jam Library of videos, podcasts, and articles curated by Neural Jam and the members on subjects of creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship
  • Record, categorize and store your observations and ideas in your Notebook
  • Design groups, run your own programs, ignite conversations on topics of your choice to be discussed with curated groups
  • Connect with like-minded members, mentors, and industry leaders and collaborate on projects designed to tackle challenges relevant to your goals
  • Find your learning buddy, co-founder, client, friend, thought provocateur
  • Ask for support and advice
  • Enjoy an Ad-free, secure private environment compliant with GDPR
200 €
/ annually

Become a patron

As patrons you

  • influence who can become club members
  • advise what relevant challenges of our society should be addressed
  • determine what subject matters should we design the programs and workshops around 
  • profit from the growth of Neural Jam
Any healthy ecosystem depends on a balanced give and take. We believe that the time has come to empower the upcoming generation. The talented and the committed ones should take the lead and get involved in designing a more integrative, supportive, and open-minded society and culture. We, therefore, initiated the patron program, through which a limited number of experienced members donate ten membership grants to attract competitive individuals to join the platform. Our patrons act as thought leaders, provide industry challenges for the dedicated programs in the Neural Jam Campus. Similar to the rest of the members, the patrons value lifelong development through the knowledge exchange with the community.

Patron membership benefits include:
  • the entire Neural Jam toolbox to run their own workshops with their teams, clients, and colleagues without membership
  • special programs and round-tables designed based on their need-analysis
  • access to outputs of hackathons and workshops delivered in Neural Jam, packaged as white papers and blueprints, reflecting on a range of relevant industry, society and business challenges
  • access to the entire library and programs of the club
  • introduction to hand-selected talents and experts with relevance to their business sector to enable collaboration
  • a profiling system used to design personal development paths and enhance team effectiveness for personal and organizational reasons
  • a seat on the advisory board of Neural Jam and is eligible to 0,06% phantom shares of the organization
2000 €
/ annually