Creative Incubator

What is Creative Incubator?

Creative Incubator

Driven by the HOW, we ask the WHY.

There is no better programme to launch our Neural Jam community with than that of the Creative Incubator 2021 Edition. It carries the title: Collective Creative Culture.

This is a culture the world needs urgently today – a community, a unified collective – built to spearhead a global cultural shift in thinking and behaviour – to ultimately change the world for the better, beyond critical mass.

To start this vital collective, we need to harness our diverse multi-talented community and together, incubate the concept of a unified collective culture. A culture beyond borders, nationalities and boundaries. One that uses the universal language of Creativity to empower action and intention, for all.

In Collaboration with the Art Directors Club of Europe, this programme is designed specifically to enable space and structure for an urgently needed Collective Creative Culture to grow.

Are you?

A creative

and want to use your talent for meaningful purposes, not just for selling brands and products?

Are you?

A leader

aiming to truly transform your organisation, inspire your team and rewrite the story of your brand?

Are you?

A trailblazer

who seeks direction and believes innovation and creativity are the ingredients to transform our future?

Are you?

A changemaker

needing to take creative action to solve relevant social problems?

Are you?

A founder

building a future facing company to spearhead conscious business?

Are you?

A pioneer

and are determined to challenge yourself, explore the unknown and enable a better world?

Sparked your interest?


Programme Key Facts


This is a hybrid programme composed of highly interactive digital content made accessible to all participants. It is attached to two live sessions in Berlin and Barcelona, with up to 100 subsidised grants which you can apply for.

The Creative Incubator 2021 is a digital programme, designed in collaboration with the Art Directors Club of Europe, starting mid June, ending mid November. Beside the pre-recorded content available to you, it also offers weekly digital live sessions, group work, project work webinars and Q&As with mentors and coaches.

In total:

20 Master classes
20 digital group sessions / project work
20 weeks access to all recorded videos, audibles and mentor presentations

Should you apply and get accepted for the live events, we look forward to seeing you in Berlin and Barcelona (June and September) – each 2.5 days.


The digital launch of the programme begins with its first live session in Berlin in mid June 2021 and finishes in November when the results will be presented at the ADCE festival in Barcelona.

Working Style

The Creative Incubator is a composition of inspiring master classes, journeys of self-discovery and effective group work, from collaboration to prototype, through the use of debate, research and analysis to ultimately challenge the status quo.


Driven by fundamentals of conscious business, the aim of this programme is not to make profit, but to cover the costs and enable the coming together of a unique community of like-minded people to better deal with the challenges our society is currently facing.

Online Programme

The Programme admits upon application. The admission fees for the digital package (6 months, full access to all recordings, lectures and weekly synchronised online sessions) is €240.

ADCE members receive a 10% discount.

Live Event

Neural Jam (in collaboration with ACDE) will be providing 100 grants for two live events they are hosting in Berlin and Barcelona. Former creative incubator participants will have priority to receive these grants at an 80 % discount for a reduced cost of €360.

The winners of the grants will also receive free admission to the online program.

Programme Timeline


March 15th

Open for applications

April 5th

Applications under review

April 19th

Admission starts

May 21st

Grants for live events closes

June 17th

Programme Launch – first live event in Berlin

June 21st

Digital programme kicks off

September 30th

Second live event in Barcelona


Presentation of the outcome during
the ADCE Festival in Barcelona

Programme Director

Programme Director

Jamshid Alamuti

Conceptualising the creative incubator programme and preparing to launch it is one of the most exciting moments of my year!

It feels as if you are the main organiser of a huge music festival, standing backstage, small talking with a group of rock stars, who will be going onto the stage any minute to make the crowd go crazy and dance their hearts out.

I love thinking of topics relevant to our society and the world we live in. Together, we curate top mentors with vision who collectively step up to contribute their expertise to design a format which maximises the interaction between the pioneers and those eager to learn.

This is the journey I am privileged to share as Programme Director of Creative Incubator. Why would I dream of doing anything else? Join me, you would know what I mean when you become a part of it.

Our Mentors

Fernanda Romano

Fernanda Romano

Chief Marketing Officer at Alpargatas S.A.

Fernanda has been in tech, marketing and advertising for over 20 years now. she’s been working with teams including creative and production units, and this is what makes her a unique personality: no matter what she does, she inspires, she puts people first and she leaves a memory behind. Fernanda is the most authentic, energetic and fascinating mentor you would ever meet. This is a promise.

She was named one of AdAge’s 100 most influential women in advertising in 2012. She also served on the board of Instituto Aliança Futuro da Criança, an NGO focused on generating human and financial resources for education of children and youth in Brasil.

Luis Villa

Luis Villa

Strategy & Design independent consultant

Since the 90’s, Luis has worked as a strategist and designer for big companies and startups such as Fjord and Accenture. Luis is a generalist, having designed products and services, set up teams and companies, and transformed culture and processes across many industries and countries.

During the last 10 years, Luis has worked as Strategy Director in Fjord and Accenture, opening studios and new markets.

Luis is a mentor, speaker and professor at business schools and universities. Luis is an Aspen Institute Fellow, where he advises the Tech & Society Initiative

Julia von Winterfeld

Julia von Winterfeld

Human Leadership Activist, Purpose Advocate

Julia von Winterfeldt worked for 20 years in Berlin, New York, New Delhi and London for international, digital marketing and technology companies – Publicis Pixelpark, Publicis Sapient, Accenture and most recently as Managing Director for AKQA Germany. Her mission is to awaken leaders to being and living who they truly are. And her ambition is to raise the limitless potential of over one million people before she leaves this planet.

Conn Bertish

Conn Bertish

Creative Resilience Strategist, Founder & Trainer

Dubbed an agent provocateur by the South African media, Conn uses creativity in any form to enable humans, brands and the planet to become harder to kill. With an extraordinary background in big wave surfing, archaeology, playful thinking, world travels and conceptual art, Conn promotes curiosity, openness and play as necessary and powerful tools to help build creative resilience.

Axel Quack

Axel Quack

Strategic Innovation Executive at Salesforce

Axel is Strategic Innovation Executive at Salesforce. He built accelerators and innovation departments focusing on new products and their business models e.g. from the inside for the biggest global insurance company and second largest investment company, FinTechs and successfully for his own startup ventures.

He heads business innovation programs with the aim to establish a human-centered, interdisciplinary process that creates desirable and sustainable changes in behavior and form – of individuals, systems and organizations – often for socially progressive outcomes.

Julia Arnott-Neenee

Julia Arnott-Neenee

Director of Strategy & Insights, Founder

Julia is an international strategist and insights specialist. She is passionate about technology, human behaviour and social impact.

Julia is dedicated to looking at how technology can impact the society for the better, advocating progress that reaches the whole of society and has recently co-founded PeopleForPeople, a youth-led Pacific Social Enterprise with the mission to strengthen Digital Empowerment in Aotearoa. We are People championing People to ensure No One is Left Behind.

Filippo Nassetti

Filippo Nassetti

Chief Marketing Officer, Havianas

Filippo Nassetti is an architect and generative designer.

His design agenda was initiated in 2012 by co-founding MHOX, a EU-funded research practice and start-up focused on the design of radical artefacts and wearable products through computational techniques and 3d printing.

In 2015 Filippo joined Zaha Hadid Architects, being responsible for computational design, body mapping and automated knitting, and many more fascinating projects. his involved in creative incubator is a blessing. he is known among past years’ participants as the most radical philosophe you could work with.

What Our Participants Say

Ossi Honkanen

Ossi Honkanen

Creative director at Hasan & Partner, Finland
Participant of Creative Incubator, 2020

For me, the Creative Incubator has been a place to grow, a place to refresh my thinking, a place to network, an opportunity to tackle problems I’d never considered. It’s a creative supercell of methods and people. The method is chaotic and even violent at times, while still a safe space and very welcoming.

The best analogy I can think is a particle accelerator. You take an idea, strip it into fundamental parts and the smash them together, observing the fallout and making profound discoveries about the nature of said ideas.

Gjergi Mero

Gjergi Mero

Corporate Strategy, Creative Direction, Founder
Participant of Creative Incubator, 2019

2019 Berlin’s last session of the Creative Incubator triggered my psyche in ways I wasn’t ready. I know many others shared the same feeling. Uncomfortably inspired, we rode a crazy train of ideas, debates and disruption. Still get the same feeling when I think about it. This time, in the middle of a historic pandemic, the 2021 sessions will be something surely you don’t wanna miss.

Zrinka Požar

Zrinka Požar

Creative Project Manager at Philomath
Participant of Creative Incubator, 2020

When I’m looking into the Creative Incubator, it presents an antidote to challenges that the creative industry and business itself face these days. The idea behind the incubator was not to give you the playbook on how things should work but lit your fire to build your own path. Jam is the social glue and core of this programme which through years become a community.

Lapo Ceccherelli

Lapo Ceccherelli

CCO & Co-founder at Filo
Participant of Creative Incubator, 2020

I have participated in 3 creative incubators. Each time it was a different stimulus to better understand the era we are living in. This thanks to the guidance of Jam, the reflections brought by the mentors and thanks above all to the wonderful people who participated. Super recommended if you want to have a fun, interesting space to exchange with smart people and grow.

Helen Kuremaa

Helen Kuremaa

Business Development Manager, Estonia
Participant of Creative Incubator, 2020

Creative Incubator was a great experience to think along and practice in the programme that is designed to inspire to see the long term and sustainable values behind business decisions and all the stakeholders.