Launching March 20, 2022

Join exclusive digital club for lifelong learners with intention.

Neural Jam is an exclusive home to an experienced global community of lifelong learners. It is a club of shared knowledge and insight that celebrates the wisdom of the collective. Here we discuss, debate and grow this shared knowledge for a new generation of thought leaders who will apply it to transform the world for the better.

As founders of Neural Jam, our purpose is to better the world by empowering experienced leaders, thinkers and personalities with the intention to contribute to an ever growing platform of expert knowledge and vision, for a new generation of life-long learners. To maximise the impact of this goal, Neural Jam is designed as a hub to highly experienced individuals, driven to contribute to this virtuous circle of hard-won knowledge.

Neural Jam membership is by invitation, or members’ recommendation. We aren’t looking for quantity. We’re eager to greet thought leaders who wish to share their knowledge to have a positive impact on their society. Those who see personal development as a necessity for the sake of progress – as well as the necessity for passing on knowledge to empower a new generation facing multiple challenges.

A global collective of always-on change makers

A group of people connected by a shared purpose larger than themselves, are unstoppable. We believe this is a greatness we can achieve: To spread and grow curiosity and openness as a united source to reach a critical mass and enable impactful thought and action. The Neural Jam community was made for this goal. It is now time for people such as yourself, to come together, meet, share, feed and energise each other to help transform the many challenges we face, into the many solutions we need. Welcome to Neural Jam, we’ve been waiting for you.

Driven by Intention, aimed to de-construct, disrupt and build

New knowledge is scary. Especially to those who seek it. Because as members of Neural Jam community you’ll realize just how much more there is to learn and grow from. That’s why with Knowledge, comes responsibility. Neural Jam is an intentionally designed eco-system to spearhead the deconstruction of the status quo in order to transform members for the better. While the acquisition of knowledge and information began when you were born, it still shapes you ongoing today. So yes, in the beginning there was life, then there was learning and now rather urgently, we need life-long learning as a life skill.

A glimpse in what you should expect

Your daily feed

This is your knowledge snack – the quick shot. When entering the community and platform you are exposed to inspirational very short videos, to the point, learning nuggets as we call them – to be consumed on the go. And yet at Neural Jam, we don’t just consume, we interact, collaborate and act. As part of your daily feed, you will receive provocations from experts who enable you to respond and share your view with other members. This is where the short, sweet and collective learning is taking place, right now.

Your daily feed
Your personal Dashboard

Your personal Dashboard

We are a collective that celebrates individuality. No matter how science is clustering us, each single member is a unique learner who needs their own growing path to be designed. Facilitated by Neural Jam, you can create within your personal dashboard your own growth path: with access to your personal notes, selected programmes and an overview of your progress. Neural Jam provides a visualisation of your learning journey, enabling you to pull out reports based on your personal Why and What you learn – and what you aim to do with it.



In almost every story, there is this magical notebook, the pirate who leaves behind the information on a treasure, the soldier who leaves memories behind as love letters to his wife and the mad scientist with drawings in a book that are later discovered as the inventions of the century. We have always recommended a learning Journal to our participants and this time is no difference. You now have your own personal digital notebook that can be tagged, sorted and arranged as you need to optimize your learning experience. Always there, just a click away, no matter where you are within the Neural Jam platform.



Information is out there, how to select and what to use, to get inspired and explore, in order to pick the right piece of knowledge to be used to solve specific challenges, is the magic. Our library is designed to serve this very purpose. Based on your needs, you are exposed to a wide range of information from visual, audible to readable, and based on your available time and learning style, you can create your very own source of content. Your personal, digital, constantly growing source of information.


The core of Neural Jam. This is where the collective learning will have its roots. Members of Neural Jam can become proactive users of the environment, functions, features and content, and trigger dedicated collective learning journeys, based on specific subject matters. Imagine, a community where each member is carefully selected to provide maximum diversity and yet a gathering of like-minded individuals with a common goal: life-long learners who aim to better the world.



When will Neural Jam be available?

We plan to launch Neural Jam in the last quarter of 2021. Applications for membership open from April 2021 and we aim to limit the number of members for 2022 to 10000. How the community grows and what direction it takes should set the terms for the next batch of members to be admitted.

How is Neural Jam financed?

As a Members only community, Neural Jam is financed through an annual membership fee of 240 Euros. Based on pillars of conscious business. The personal data of our members is not for sale so we exclude usage of Ads. The fees are used to cover net costs of maintenance of the platform and provision of content and mentors. With the growth of the community, any profit created is kicked back to the community to lower the annual fees or is invested in purpose driven projects initiated by members.

How can I become a member?

We decided to open the admission for membership by invitation, by application and by recommendation through existing members. Although Neural Jam is an inclusive community, our goal is to acquire and inspire more individuals who understand the value of long-life learning; who are responsible; follow a conscious purpose and are dedicated to leave a positive footprint behind.

How can I apply?

If you are not invited by us or recommended by a member, you can write to us and tell us of your story, your ambitions, the goal of your life, the challenges what drives you and what makes you wake up every day. Together with selected members we will review your application and offer you a spot to join our unique society and become an active part of a collective, determined to shape the future and enable a better life for the generations to come.

Please get in touch with us if you have any other questions and we will be responding within a short frame of time. Based on the importance of your question and with your agreement, we would add your questions to the above FAQ.