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NeuralJam is a learning community focused on knowledge exchange through content sharing and live interaction.

Our community brings curious people together, giving them tools to exchange knowledge and learn from one another. We believe cooperation and proactivity are crucial for collaborative learning, so we built a safe ad-free environment for members to express themselves and pose questions.

By creating meaningful conversations, we offer an alternative to mindless consumption and the sense of isolation we all experience on social media platforms. NeuralJam is where shared knowledge and collaboration help you to find insights, spark ideas and challenge your views with global thinkers across industries.

Think future. Act collective.


in Campus with formats ranging from weekly meet-ups to months-long programs.


your unique learning path, using the results of research based personality assessment.


with like-minded people, mentors, learning buddies, and future cofounders


your own groups, projects, and live sessions around the topics that matter to you.


to an inclusive community on an ad-free platform that doesn't misuse your data


your insights from anywhere on the platform, and store in dedicated folders, using Notebooks.


masterclasses and interviews, essays, video series, and sound bites in the Library


your knowledge, opinions, and perspective with Provocations and Daily Feed.

Keep Track

of your progress and find your recent items through shortcuts in the Dashboard

Asking yourself if this is the right community for you?

Together with you, we want to build one of the world's most proactive and democratized communities for learning and personal development. Without you, we are just well-written code. Your unique contribution makes us who we are. NeuralJam members:
  • love to challenge one another while remaining respectful
  • are open to perspectives different from theirs
  • like sharing their experiences and knowledge with others

Join NeuralJam

At NeuralJam, we believe everyone has something valuable to share. We designed an environment where interactivity and collective intelligence maximize the experience of learning, for everyone.

Empower the upcoming generation. Become a patron.

Any healthy ecosystem depends on a balanced give and take. Our patrons help design a more integrative, supportive, and open-minded society and culture because they value lifelong development through knowledge exchange. Act as a thought leader and provide industry challenges for the dedicated programs in our Campus. As a Patron, you will:
  • advise on relevant societal challenges that the community should address
  • determine what subject matters we tackle in our learning experiences
  • use NeuralJam as a holistic toolbox to run your projects with your team

Free Plan

Enjoy the core benefits of the learning community and library of content.

  • browse Library content
  • join and create community groups
  • connect with like-minded people
  • schedule and attend video calls
  • take and categorize notes
  • ad-free, data-secure environment

Founding Members Price

200€ 20€ / annually

Valid for as long as you keep your membership. Members that cancel their membership and later reactivate it, will no longer be able to claim the reduced price.

  • take research-based AI-powered personality assessment
  • access all learning formats in Campus
  • browse Library content
  • join and create community groups
  • connect with like-minded people
  • schedule and attend video calls
  • take and categorize notes
  • ad-free, data-secure environment

Patron Program

2000€ / annually

everything members get, plus:

  • give away 10 memberships
  • exclusive content based on your needs
  • introduction to hand-picked talents and experts
  • white papers and hackathon results
  • submit your project challenges to the community of interdisciplinary professionals
  • NeuralJam for your team projects
  • dedicated support from our team