A New Age of Cultural Transformation

Starting April 12 | flexible format


Have you ever heard the saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”?

The saying points out that culture can make or break any initiative within a business. It fills in the gaps between the processes established by the strategy. The key to success lies in the values, rituals, and habits of your people. So how can you transform company culture for happiness, longevity, and success?

This flexible-format program on Cultural Transformation is designed to help leaders unlock the power of culture to drive successful change. The program will build upon the basics of cultural transformation as well as current work trends and the needs of new generations entering the workforce today. Through interactive sessions, you will explore the role of culture in overall business success and gain practical tips on developing the skills needed to transform the company culture. The flexible format will include masterclasses, self-study materials, and learning labs, so you can jump in and out at any time.


Learn the essential components of a healthy culture & the needs of the new generation

Explore the leadership skills needed to build, transform and sustain a culture

Gain actionable ways to detox your company culture

Discuss your own challenges and experience with transforming the company culture



Study the materials

At your own pace explore the materials uploaded by the mentor: videos, texts, and audio.

Interactive Sessions

Meet fellow members and learn about the subject matter during live video sessions guided by the mentor.

Group Work

Exchange thoughts and ideas and collaborate on projects in groups during the live sessions and in-between.

Meet your hosts

Jamshid Alamuti | Arina Kondrateva | Alexandre Nobre
Jamshid is a multifaceted disruptor, transformational strategist, and human development expert. Arina is a digital native and a generalist who combines design, writing, and content production. Alexandre is a brand strategist and mentor, with experience in leading transformation programs for both internal and external clients.