Decentralizing Creativity: NFT as the new product

Date & Time: TBA


NFTs seem to be everywhere these days. They are event tickets, certifications, digital garments, art, and more. It is a whole new segment of products, not without its unique nuances. NFTs need to be created, marketed, and sold in a new way. The question is how.

Together we will explore the step-by-step process behind NFT creation and drops. We will integrate the understanding of Gen-Z values such as community, ownership, and participation. We will also look at the ways branded NFT drops allow companies to engage the new generation of consumers and create a digital community. To get inspired and learn from the best, we will study the big players in the space and how they kept it interesting in the ever-evolving Web3 economy. Even if you are just entering the NFT space, you will be able to walk away with an actionable plan to mint and drop your own NFT.


Understand the basics of NFTs

Learn to ideate, market, mint and drop NFTs

Explore how NFT drops create and maintain communities

Study successful branded NFT launches

Take a look into the future of NFTs