Embodying Change: The Conscious Act of Burning Down One's Identity

May 17 | 5 pm CEST / 11 am ET


Think you've got yourself figured out? Think again. Our identity is always transforming, whether we realize it or not. The difference is when we acknowledge it and use it to craft a new iteration of ourselves. Through an intentional move to a different country, a trip to the other side of the world, an intensive meditation retreat, or all of that at the same time.  In this session, we are joined by Judit Sáez Gonzálvez for a thought-provoking discussion in which we explore the transformative nature of our identities and how we can consciously create the space for change to happen.

Meet the host

Judit Sáez Gonzálvez
A true Change Nurturer, Judit leads and inspires people for conscious transformation. She believes that "for systems change to happen, we just need to challenge conventions, tap into the universal nature wisdom, and nourish the spaces, organizations, and communities where transformation can unleash."