Grow Sustainably: Create and Capture Value

March 22 | 5:30 PM CET


The framework of the Creation and Capture of Value effectively portrays organizational growth. When your organization is creating products and services, it’s creating value. When it makes a profit selling those, it’s capturing value. How the two processes alternate depends on many factors: market fit, the share of the market your business has, and the stage of your business development, to name just a few.

This workshop is led by Jamshid Alamuti, who has led dozens of companies through organizational and cultural transformation. With Jamshid’s guidance, you will learn to incorporate the framework of Creation and Capture of Value into your business strategy to maximize impact and ensure sustainable growth.


Discover the Creation and Capture of Value framework

Learn how to create a strategy with the tool or how to integrate it into your existing strategy

Gain actionable insight to grow sustainably

Take your questions to Jamshid during or after the workshop



Interactive Sessions

Meet fellow members and learn about the subject matter during live video sessions guided by the mentor.

Meet your host

Jamshid Alamuti
Jamshid is a multifaceted disruptor, transformational strategist, and human development expert – whose restless talent merges technology, creativity, and entrepreneurial leadership like a whirlwind of conscious change leadership.