Identity in the Metaverse

Date & time: TBA


The Metaverse is another tech-driven topic that boomed in the last year. Every week we have seen another brand create an immersive world for its fans. It started with the Fashion and Beauty industry, but quickly included Food & Drink giants as well as celebrities like Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg.

Where customers go, companies follow. But what is it about this medium that attracts so many people? Besides the obvious newness of the Metaverse, it supports spatial experiences, which allows a more real-life-like expression of one's identity through facial features, clothing, as well as features that don’t exist in the physical world. Moreover, Metaverse’s premise of participation in the experience rather than its consumption brings the fans in direct contact with their favorite brands, artists, and celebrities. This raises the stakes of one’s identity because now you don’t just show up as a picture, but a 3D avatar, and reach closer to your idols than the comment section of their Instagram post. So who are we in the Metaverse, as individuals, and communities, but also as brands?


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