Love Us or Lose Us: The Gen-Z Revolution

May 19 | 5 pm CEST / 11 am ET


Are you ready to crack the code on Gen Z in the workforce? Join us for a fun and insightful workshop led by Arina Kondrateva, a Gen Z native herself. Get ready to learn in a dynamic, interactive environment as we explore the ways in which Gen Z's mindset and values translate into work expectations and strengths. Together, we'll uncover the potential benefits of bringing Gen Z into your company culture and discover strategies for maximizing productivity and happiness in the workplace.


Understand the unique characteristics and values of Gen Z in the workforce

Learn how to integrate Gen Z employees into a company culture and leverage their strengths

Discover strategies for attracting and retaining Gen Z employees, and building a more inclusive and collaborative work environment

Gain practical knowledge on how to communicate effectively with Gen Z employees, and how to adapt to their unique communication styles

Leave the workshop with actionable steps for integrating Gen Z into your company culture and maximizing their potential in the workplace


Meet the host

Arina Kondrateva
A passionate generalist and a committed intersectional feminist, Arina strives to bring purpose to everything she does. Her skills range from Content Creation to UI writing to Community building. She is also our local Gen-Z consultant and is always on the lookout for new trends and innovations.