Navigating the Creator Economy

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Creator Economy is a fast-growing segment of media and business, led by ordinary people sharing their passions, opinions, and skills with their audiences. From traditional media conglomerates to early online blogs, to Youtubers and Instagram influences, and finally, Patreon, OnlyFans, and NFT artists - we are witnessing the ultimate decentralization of media. Where does this leave brands, creative agencies, and marketers?

Brands have been contracting influencers as advertisement channels for about a decade, so you might be wondering whether the so-called ‘Creator Economy’ is really all that different. Pioneered by Gen-Z, the current changes in the cultural landscape are driven by a deep desire to belong, relate, trust, and participate. Creators build lasting relationships with their audiences and use new tools to build communities and exchange with their followers. With alternative ways to monetize their passions, creators prioritize long-term partnerships over advertising deals. These collaborations require brands and agencies to have a better understanding of creators’ values, challenges, and drivers. Learn how to build lasting partnerships with creators as well as new ways to create your own communities.


Understand the basic premise of the Creator Economy

Learn the reasons behind its growth

Explore the challenges and opportunities for creative agencies & brands

Examine case studies of successful brand-creator collaborations