The Storytelling of Today: Participation over Consumption

Date & time: TBA


Storytelling has proven to be a powerful tool to connect with audiences, express values, and build a personality to make a brand stand out among others. In recent years, with new tech and customer values, new ways to tell stories have emerged. The new generation of consumers wants to be involved in a brand's story.

We will explore how current trends like community, authenticity, and participation are driving change in Storytelling. Web3 and Creator Economy are pushing for more ownership and self-expression, blurring the lines between brands and consumers. We will also look into Metaverse, NFT drops, Discord communities, and AR as ways to engage your audience in your story, making them a part of it.


Learn ways to engage audiences in your brand’s story

Explore tech that allows customers to participate

Understand the value of community for storytelling

Look into case studies of participatory storytelling